The Hermes Horse Exhibition Featured in the New Maison in Shanghai


In celebration of the Year of The Horse and the newly opened maison in Shanghai, Hermes has opened an exhibition entitled “The Hermes Horse”. The new boutique opened in September 15, 2014 along with the exhibition which ended last October 11. The fifth of its kind in the world, following Paris, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, the building boast 1,174 square meters with an event and exhibition space and a rooftop garden. The recently concluded horse themed exhibition featured art displays from the Émile Hermès Museum. It was curated by artist Philippe Dumas at the said exhibition space of the maison. The art collection represents the past and present tradition of the French Fashion House. Also, presented at the exhibition were Chinese ancient pieces from Mongolia’s Hohhot Museum.

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Shop Luxury Bags in Fall Colors at Christie’s First New York Accessories Auction


Christie's Fall New York Accessories Auction

Now that the chill is in the air to stay, it’s time to start thinking about fall in earnest: fall fashion, fall colors and definitely fall bags. If you’ve been looking to add something very special to your collection for the new season, you’re in luck. The online-only Chistie’s Handbag & Accessories Auction has just launched, and it has everything from timeless leather bags to dazzling exotics from hard-to-find brands like HermèsChanel and Goyard.

This auction, which runs through October 28 on the Christie’s website, is also the storied auction house’s first New York-based auction since expanding the Handbags & Accessories category stateside. The auction’s selection is specially curated to celebrate the lush, vibrant, rich shades that mark fall dressing, all on classic, luxurious bags that you’ll be proud to carry for years to come. 

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Hermes Lindy Bag



For the Hermes collector, the Lindy is a ‘must have’. For the Birkin alternative seekers, the Lindy is a beautiful choice. And for a newbie, the Lindy is a lovely functional bag, a great start to the world of Hermes.

The Hermes Lindy is actually a carry-it-by-hand bag that can be turned into a shoulder anytime, anyplace. And just like our previous post about the Bolide Bag, the Lindy has the same typical Hermes look – it’s streamlined, easy but focused on the leather and that’s where the luxury can be found.

Single colors make it a classic and timeless, the Lindy is your companion from Spring to Summer and from Fall to Winter. It got more than enough space for your daily essentials. One everyday bag is sufficient and because the Lindy is made from detailed and impeccable leather, you already got the best of the best.

This bag is usually made from Clemence, a very hard leather that can make the color shine beautifully. It’s a slouchy bag, but if you desire for less bulky, then take a size smaller like the 30 cm. Actually the Lindy 30 is the most preferable choice for most fashionista, also because it’s lighter in weight.

For this new Collection, Hermes stocked their Lindy’s with colors like Orange, Brown, Gold and the Classic Black. Measuring 13.5’ x 8’ x 7’. Available at Hermes e-store for $7,750 USD.







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63 Jaw-Dropping Exotic Handbags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them


Celebrities Exotic Handbags

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Hermes Maxi Box Bag



An elegant woman with blue eyes behind the bushes, an emerald green bag was sitting on her lap – it was the Hermes Maxi Box Bag featured in the Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign, the theme was titled Metamorphosis, an Hermes story.

A bag that is big enough to pack all the best clothes from your wardrobe, then use it as a carry-on on the airport. Or switch it to a weekend duffle when staying over at your friend’s house. The Hermes Maxi Box Bag will help you travel from New York to Tokyo.

For those who are more experienced with Hermes, the Maxi Box could be a retro of the Sac en Vie Bag, a slightly more sophisticated and modern version.

But one look at the Maxi Box and anyone can instantly recognize that it’s a ‘Hermes’ brand, every stitch and corner of the design is screaming ‘Hermes’.

For the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, we have also spotted the ‘black’ version if you’d not like the green color. Black is more classic and if you hate babying duffels or scared that it will change color over time, then this is your best option.

And of course, we have also uploaded a few more shades, just to give you a short preview and an idea of the design.

The Hermes Maxi Box Bag is sized at 21 x 37 x 15 cm (H x W x D), we only spotted the prices in yen: ¥ 1,092,000, we hope this will give you enough indication. Visit your local Hermes store for more information.





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Hermes Evelyne III Bags



The Hermes Evelyne III Bag is not as famous as the Birkin and it doesn’t have the same price tag, but we are seeing an increase of fashionista’s and celebrities carrying this bag in their casual time. Why is that?

First, it’s the impeccable quality, we spotted Kate Walsh carrying the Evelyne III Bag in brown, totally overloading it and still… it didn’t break. I think that tells a lot about their Taurillon Clemence leather.

Then it’s the design, just like most of Hermes timeless bags, the Evelyne III is crafted rather simple and streamlined, with a long and strong shoulder strap. The large H, which represents the brand Hermes, is drawn on the front with a circle.

A reasonable price for a Hermes bag – if you need a shoulder bag, a messenger bag and you don’t mind paying a little bit more, you will get the quality you want. However, what we do recommend before making a buying decision, is to take a look at the Hermes Herbag Zip first, because it’s almost the same price range.

The Hermes Evelyne III Bag comes in four sizes:

Leathers available: Epsom and Clemence

Hermes Evelyne II TPM
Size: 6.7″ x 7″ x 2″
Price: Retailed at $1,600 USD, but it’s now discontinued

Hermes Evelyne III PM
Size: 11.25″ x 12″ x 2 ½”
Price: $2,800 USD or € 2.000 euro’s or £1,890 GBP

Hermes Evelyne III GM
Size: 12” x 13” x 3”
Price: $3,125 USD or € 2.230 euro’s or £2,110 GBP

Hermes Evelyne III TGM
Size: 16″ x 16.5″ x 4″
Price: $4,500 USD













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