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What is this? A clutch? A phone holder? A nano shoulder bag? Well, Dior calls it a clutch bag, but does it function as a clutch as well?

Presenting the Diorama Vertical Clutch with Chain for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, and while this new item is introduced with studs; do know that Dior will release this bag without studs in the future. But for now, stick with us and let’s talk about the design.


The design

The Diorama Collection needs no introduction because it’s now part of the house’s classic collection. The latest Vertical Clutch is small in shape, you can use it for multiple purposes;

  • As a Nano Shoulder Bag: because it comes with a chain strap.
  • As an Phone Holder: because it can carry the iPhone 7+.
  • As a Mini Clutch: because the chains are removable.

This bag is designed with the iconic ‘Large Cannage’ design, and features the crest-shaped clasp. It’s also crafted in soft lambskin leather.


The interior

As expected, the interior is small because of the size. If you open the flap, you will find 2 gusset compartments and 2 card slots. It’s basically a beautiful elegant bag to carry when you don’t want or need to take a lot of items. For example, if you’re on a city trip or going out partying. You can also use this mini bag as an extra pocket.

The chain is measured 120 cm, the bag is measured 11.5 x 16.5 x 7 cm via Dior boutiques.

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Celine just launched it’s Fall 2017 Collection and guess what we’ve found? The Celine Folded Clutch with Strap or as we like to call it; a beautiful Small Shoulder Bag. Compare this bag to a WOC (Wallet On Chain Bag), but then larger so you can carry it on day as well.

Of course, there is a reason why it’s called a ‘Folded Clutch’. The leather strap can be removed anytime you want and then it can be converted into an evening clutch bag. The leather is made flexible as well, so you can fold it during an important meeting. But what we absolute love is the minimalistic style that has incorporated, and we know that no brand can do it better than Celine. One of our readers just recently said that Celine’s leather is always topnotch, period.

So the name Celine does mean something. It means that you will pay for a reasonable price for a handbag that’s created with a timeless look. Basically you’re investing in an one-time purchase, forever yours handbag. This Celine Clutch with Chain bag is another example of such. The bag comes with a flap and if you look closely, there is a minimal stitched line on the front as well. This stitched line divides the two iconic words; Celine Paris and made in Italy. We know that Italy stands for in the fashion world; the finest craftsmanship.

Besides the clutch carry, the leather strap give you option to carry it cross body or on your shoulder. The flap closure opens and closes with snap button and the interior is made with two gusset compartments and one zipped pocket, six credit card slots. The solid colors are made in goatskin with calfskin lining, but there are also exotic choices like python or crocodile leathers. And here are the details:

Celine Clutch with Chain in Normal Leather
Size: 11’ x 7’ inches (14’ inch strap)
Prices: $1500 USD, €950 euro, £880 GBP, $1900 SGD, $11500 HKD, ¥11000 CNY, ¥145000 JPY

Celine Clutch with Chain in Python
Size: 11’ x 7’ inches (14’ inch strap)
Prices: $2650 USD, €1700 euro, £1550 GBP, $3400 SGD, $20500 HKD, ¥19500 CNY, ¥265000 JPY

Celine Clutch with Chain in Crocodile
Size: 11’ x 7’ inches (14’ inch strap)
Prices: TBD





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Kara Ross #MyPURSEonality Tyson Boxer Clutch

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Kara Ross #MyPURSEonality Boxer Bag

My husband watches some strange things late at night. There is apparently a Scooby-Doo-like cartoon that features Mike Tyson who sort of stumbles upon the answers to mysteries. Weird, I know. But I bring it up because I stumbled upon a very unique looking clutch from Kara Ross called The Boxer Clutch, part of the #myPURSEonality collection at Kara Ross.

The name doesn’t refer to just any boxer. If you look closely, you will see that the whimsical face on the front is actually supposed to resemble Mike Tyson. What gave it away? The “tattoo” next to the eye, for starters. I think the teeth are a little Mike Tyson-ish too. I actually find this Boxer Clutch to be endearing, in its own quirky way. I love the fun colors and playful face on the front. I love the different textures too. With crocodile, snake, lizard, AND suede all on one piece, there is no doubt this clutch is a sensory extravaganza.

Available at ShopBop: Kara Ross The Boxer Clutch

Who is this famous “Boxer” bag named after? Kara Ross profiled this beloved character:
kara ross mypurseonality clutch 
Kara Ross #MyPURSEonality Handbag, The Boxer
1. Age: 39
2. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
3. College Alma Mater: The School of Hard Knocks
4. Current Residence: Queens
5. Current Occupation: Retired Amateur Boxer
6. Favorite Cocktail: Appletinis
7. Favorite Snack Food: Ding dogs
8. Favorite Coffee: mochachinos
9. Favorite Movie: Hangover, Hangover 2, Hangover 3
10. Favorite TV show: Family Feud
11. Favorite Activity: pigeon racing
12. Favorite Place to Shop: Gold’s Gym Lost and Found
13. Favorite Sport: Other than boxing? Hop scotch
14. Favorite Artist: the guy that made Snoopy
15. Boxers or Briefs: jock straps
16. Secret passion: Real Housewives of New Jersey
17. What I’m reading now: 50 Shades of Gray
18. Best date night spot: Fire Island
19. I never leave home without: these guns!
20. Music on my CD player: Black Eyed Peas
21. Biggest Turn on: bird watchers
22. Biggest Turn off: non-bird watchers
23. Splurge Item: Old Spice box set!
24. Guilty pleasure: Grindr
25. Fun Facts: I write letters to Teresa Guidice

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World Cup theme Clutch

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Whether you love the World Cup came, boyfriends who are crazy. You would not want to watch the game, holding a World Cup-themed bags should occasion it!
No matter whether we like football, I believe we have been infected by this weeks 2014 World Cup in Brazil atmosphere. Who would think of the famous designer Charlotte Olympia has half the Brazilian descent it? Brazilian World Cup because of this, the brand also released a World Cup series this end Pandora Clutch. Classic transparent box is the various countries participating in the World Cup flag, no matter which country you are a fan, we can harvest your favorite in this series. 2014 World Cup in Brazil in the vast surrounding a rare commodity in such a beautiful souvenir, what all the fans waiting for? Series will be officially on sale July 4 it!


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The new Dior CD Box is going to rock the fashion world. Last time we talked about the single colors in black and pink. Today we’re going to present a clutch that’s more sophisticated.

READ: Dior CD Box Clutch with Chain

If the evening is too important to fail, you will need a companion that is going to help you stand-out and steal the show. Obviously, your dress and shoes matters, but its always the bag that makes everything perfect – it’s the finishing touch.

Covered in the color we love – pink and satin, with sophisticated design, embroidered with sequins, its gorgeous, it’s beautiful, it’s to-die-for.

Every girl should own at least one of these bags in their wardrobe. These are weapons on standby-mode, always ready for special occasions.

The signature of Dior is put on the side-metal and it comes with a shoulder chain. Measuring 17 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm, price is unknown. Run to the nearest Dior boutique for more information.



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Hello, ladies! We know that a lot of you here are on the lookout not only for the perfect tote or shoulder piece, but also for evening bags that would add a much needed ‘oomph’ to any outfit. With that in mind, we present you the Celine Pocket Evening Clutch on Chain, a beautiful piece that’s sure to give you more style points than usual. For the belle of night events, here’s something you shouldn’t miss!

Measuring 28cm x 17cm x 6cm, this pocket evening clutch is made with black shagreen and smooth calfskin – a beautiful combination of luxe materials that are sure to last you more than a few years of use (with proper care and storage, of course). Also, let’s not forget about the bag’s chain, which makes it very versatile. Carry it with your hands, or drape it over your shoulders – it’s your call!

Priced at €1,500 EUR, you can get your very own Pocket Evening Clutch

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