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If you asked me what bag at Gucci today still epitomises the past and the present as far as their handbags are concerned, this would be it. Those familiar with the Italian luxury house’s bags of yore will find the bamboo handle familiar, a Gucci signature that’s still keep alive and well under the auspices of sitting Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

Having seen the process for myself when I visited their bag production facility in the outskirts of Florence some years back, I can tell you this much. As simple as it might look, each bamboo handle still has to go through hours and hours of skilled craftsmanship, a single artisan crouched over an open flame as he exposes the bamboo rods to heat, slowly bending them bit by bit before it takes its eventual curved shape. Layers upon layers of a special varnish are also applied to give it that shine, as well as to keep it in an almost pristine condition for years to come.

From the handle down, however, and it’s a different story. Obviously inspired by vintage references, Michele draws upon a new icon of house, the snake, and uses it to great effect on the Lilith. Named so because it’s believed to be the name of Adam’s first wife in midrashic literature (you know how the story ends) with the snake tempting both of them.

But beyond the name, the bag is also a beautiful example of vintage-chic that’s big at Gucci these days, the bag sold with two slings, one of leather, the other in grosgrain. The perfect bag for ladies-who-lunch, it also comes in at least 2 sizes at the moment, a Small (26 cm by 24 cm) and a Medium (33 cm by 22 cm) with both sizes now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore, including the newly-opened flagship at ION Orchard.

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Gucci is Back with Another Big, Embellishment-Heavy Bag Collection for Pre-Fall 2017

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A bag that is fit for a royalty, yes, those are the very words that will describe and could probably do justice to Gucci’s Broadway Chain Shoulder Bag. It’s too pretty that it might probably be a fashion crime not to own it. We are that enamored with this monarchical blue-blooded bag.

First things first, we are in love with the metallic light blue leather which was showcased in a padded chevron pattern. And oh, if you couldn’t get enough of this shoulder bag, you can also opt to buy the other color in metallic gold leather.

What more, the sliding chain strap is definitely a touch of royalty. You can wear the bag over your shoulders or it can be worn as a top handle, thanks to its adjustable strap. And last but not the least, the feline head placed in the center actually made all the difference! Talk about hearing you roar with your fashionable Gucci bag!

It measures 7.5′ x 6′ x 2′ (W x H x D) inches.







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Classic recipes familiar bag! Gucci bamboo bag printing


Gucci has a new bag! This is the most classic Gucci bamboo bag Bamboo series this year, in early spring 2016 Gucci once again applied to the printing elements of classic bamboo bag, we can imagine there are a lot of people it is madness.


GucciPopularhalf a centuryclassicbamboo bag

Perhaps you have been recently Gucci bag embroidery printing Bacchus fascinated, but be sure not to neglect the classic Gucci handbags big hero for half a century, Gucci Bamboo bamboo bag! Bamboo bag is very rare, but also bamboo become most elements of the earliest recognizable Gucci, Gucci bamboo bag on the way the United States quietly.



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags

Gucci in 2016 re-launch of the early spring series Bamboo series bag with a full season in early spring 2016 the entire series of prints used in interpretation of the classic bamboo bag. It retains the curved bamboo handle bag, as well as fine bamboo-like buckles, collision retro classics and brand new atmosphere.



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags
This handbag section is currently only a small size of 27cm x 18cm, inside with three pockets and leather mirror. Printed bamboo handbag which launched four colors, three of which are carmine, cherry red and emerald green.



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags
Gucci’s new designer, is indeed the accessories design background, Gucci has long been a fan of my new, still or another of the classic love Gucci bamboo series, full of spring color printing, color was so rich but not tacky and tells the people how to resist!



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags



Gucci Bamboo Series launched in early spring 2016 handbags


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This stylish and luxurious hand bag should be a style staple in any woman’s equally posh wardrobe. We are talking about Gucci’s Dionysus GG Supreme Mini coated canvas and suede shoulder bag that is a mini-me version of the already famous Dionysus bag. Look extra feminine and chic with this Mini Dionysus bag as it features a taupe canvas that is sophisticatedly adorned with the brand’s iconic GG emblem and finished off with a fancy silver-tone tiger heads to the front fastening.

Carry it with you anywhere you go and people will absolutely take notice. Pair it with your candy-colored cashmere cardigan over an acid washed jeans or a pencil-cut skirt and you’ll look extra fabulous. Here are some of the features about this bag: made in Italy, with suede lining, made up of fabric, calf leather, with chain shoulder strap and push-lock fastening.

Measuring 15 x 20 x 6 cm (H x W x D), priced at $1550 USD or €1200 euro via Luisa Via Roma.







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Ho, ho, ho! What a wonderful time to be alive, no? This season’s a blast because there are lots of bags coming our way…although yes, it may pose quite a problem since we wouldn’t know what to get first! Tempting…but hey, allow us to make you feel even more confused (smirks) as we give you the Gucci Christmas Bag Collection. Lots of TDF pieces from this brand, and we couldn’t help but sigh with bag-lust.

If you fancy both Gucci’s signature canvas and huge, florals, then this collection’s definitely yours! Also, if you’ve always admired the GG’s and the brand’s penchant for graphic prints, you should definitely get yourself one of these. Aside from being super stylish, they have great functionality as well. The totes for example have adequate space for all of your day-to-night essentials. Just, wow. Gucci is such a big winner, alright!

Get your very own Gucci bag from the Christmas collection now!















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