Keep Calm and Carryall: The Best Bags to Tote All Summer

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The switch to Summer isn't complete until you've ditched the heavy leather totes in favor of something that's a whole lot lighter — but big enough to hold your iPad and a favorite beach read or two. It really doesn't matter if you're vacation-bound or just headed to work; this season is all about lightening up, and we're starting with your everyday bag. With pops of color, classic Summer stripes, perforated details, and bright prints, this set is both totally on-trend and entirely functional. Consider this your call to tote-swap — just click through to shop the most stylish ways to stash your stuff all Summer.

C Wonder's Printed Stripes Tote offers a bright update on the classic.

We love the Summer-feeling raffia on this Reed Krakoff Block Colour Tote
With this black-and-white Zara tote, you'll be right on trend.

It's not just the print we love on this Kate Spade Saturday Origami tote, but the standout shape makes it sophisticated enough to take to the office.

Get this perfectly sized, go-anywhere L'Epicier leather bag just about any color you want — though we think this neutral suede finish would look particularly chic with skinny white denim.

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Modern Classic- Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja Tote

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja Satchel

Over the years, I have come to love Marc Jacobs diffusion line. It has given Marc Jacobs the freedom to fully express himself through his quirky and fun designs. Marc by Marc Jacobs has brought us so many designs employing everything from neon colors to unusual motifs. So it should come as no surprise that this is what I have come to expect from this line. Sometimes, I forget that Marc by Marc Jacobs actually produces some pretty basic, even iconic pieces. But when I saw the Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja Tote, I knew I needed to have a second look and sort of rediscover this designer.

There is no doubt that this Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja could stand the test of time. The simple lines and structured shape make it a classic, for sure! I think what caught my eye the most though was the crescent-shaped concave at the top. Not only does it add a little bit of interest to the design, it also helps this 6 inch deep tote conform to your body a little bit. Another feature I like is the optional shoulder strap. The double tote straps are great, but sometimes you need the bag to hang a little lower depending on where your day takes you. This tote would make a great work bag or everyday tote for carrying all of your essentials.

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Burberry Canterbury Elephant Embossed Tote Bag in Navy
Size: 25cm x 26cm x 24cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,250 USD or €995 EUR

Burberry is a chic fashion house that’s dedicated to giving us only the best designs we can ever imagine. Today is no exception, since we’re going to present to you the Canterbury line of wonderful bags. If you love classic, textured pieces with an attitude, then we highly suggest these pieces! You will surely love the bags we’ve got in store for you.





Burberry Canterbury Elephant Embossed Tote Bag in Light Grey
Size: 25cm x 26cm x 24cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,250 USD or €995 EUR via Luisa


Burberry Canterbury Elephant Embossed Tote Bag in Marine Blue
Size: 25cm x 26cm x 24cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,395 USD or €995 EUR


Burberry Canterbury Elephant Embossed Tote Bag in Black
Size: 26cm x 26cm x 15cm (H x W x D)
Price: $987.72 USD or €895 EUR


Burberry Canterbury Elephant Embossed Tote Bag in Fuschia
Size: 27cm x 25cm x 16cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,098.07 USD or €995 EUR


Burberry Canterbury Elephant Embossed Tote Bag in Red
Size: 27cm x 25cm x 16cm (H x W x D)
Price: $987.72 USD or €895 EUR


Burberry Check Embossed Calfskin ‘Canterbury’ Small Tote in Black
Size: 11.5cm x 11cm x 5cm (H x W x D)

We’ve reached the end of our list? Did you enjoy the spectrum of colors for this particular line? We sure hope you did!


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As we all know, totes are an all-important staple in our everyday lives. Especially for women-on-the-go, they would need a bag that could keep-up with their fast-paced lifestyle, and that’s where designer pieces come in. Because of the quality and craftsmanship in every piece, most designer bags would last many years of use and could withstand wear and tear.

The price-conscious fashionista might ask: ‘is there a more affordable option?’ You bet! With the Diane von Furstenberg Small Voyage Leather Tote Bag, you’ll be getting more than what you’re going to pay for! Measuring 19cm x 26cm x 12cm (H x W x D), expect this baby to give you the space that you need. It comes with a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap, which allows you to wear it however you want. It also has expandable sides with snap button closure, which you can adjust.

Inside, it has a zip compartment, two more compartments and two leather pockets. Exactly what the organized diva would need!

Priced at €313 EUR or £258 GBP, you can get your very own Diane von Furstenberg Small Voyage Leather Tote Bag via Luisa Via Roma.






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Fendi 3Jours Bicolor Tote Replica Bag Review

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I don’t know about you girls but I definitely love large size bags. I like them so much because I can wear them to work and get everything I need inside them, I can wear them when I go shopping or when I go out with my friends. Also I like very much when a bag is simple, when it doesn’t have a tone of embellishments. The simpler a bag is the better it works for me. These days trends change very quickly so if we go for simple and elegant we’ll never get wrong. A very good choice when it comes to this kind of bags is the Fendi replica handbags.

fendi 3jours bicolor blue

The 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag is the new and updated version of the very well-known Fendi 2Jours Tote Bag. I like the new version better because it has wider lateral wings, the Fendi metal bar trim was split in two parts for more flexibility and the leather straps are longer for easier shoulder carry. I also like very much the interior of this bag. It is enough spacious with a zipper pocket and two cell phones pockets so we can have everything organized as it has to be.

fendi 3jours bicolor brown

I saw a lot of celebrities wearing the new Fendi 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag, celebrities like Kate Upton or Cheryl Cole; I love how it completes their outfit. It is amazing how this beautiful bag can transform a casual outfit into one elegant and very stylish one. There are a lot of different versions of this bicolor beautiful bag; you can find it in solid colors or in denim stripes. But of course you’ll have to pay attention to what you purchase. You’ll have to know that if you want a good replica this should be made with very firm leather that should also feel soft and the metal bar trim should be silver, not gold or any other color.

celebrities with fendy 3jours bicolor

A beautiful bag like this Fendi 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag can be worn by anyone on any occasion. It completes a perfect outfit and makes any girl feel beautiful and elegant. This is definitely the main goal for any bag designer.

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Up for some Dior bags? Yep, here at BragMyBag, we’re sort of ga-ga over their items, mainly because they have so many great designs to choose from. Speaking of such, we’re dying to know more about the Lady Dior Heart Tote Bag. As we all know, the ‘Lady Dior’ collection has been around for some years now – debuted in 1995, it’s a well-known selection of great pieces, with a huge following ever since its beginnings. We’re talking ‘A’-listers here: Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, even Princess Diana in her glory days. It’s been trending since then!

Now, the Lady Dior has reinvented itself once again, in the form of the Heart Tote Bag. From what we can see in the picture, some elegant stitching on leather has been commissioned, which is just so elegant and dainty. As of now, we don’t have information about the bag’s price and availability, that is why you should stay tuned for more updates about this piece! Are you excited just as we are? What do you think about this take on the classic Lady Dior?


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